Chronically Fit Group

I have teamed up with this awesome community, which is all about motivating and supporting women with a Chronic Illness.

 “I will ensure to provide a safe, supportive, positive and motivating place for women with chronic illness!”

Charlotte (owner of Chronically Fit Group)

About Chronically Fit Group

“Post Diagnosis and until January 2018, I had lost all motivation and had utterly convinced myself that, after reading continuous negative posts on support groups and some confusing diagnosis from doctors, I would be in a wheelchair by the age of 25.
​ I became unmotivated and stopped looking after myself.

“At the beginning of January 2019, my best friend (Claire) and I had decided to get fit and better ourselves together. And we did!

“So, I jumped onto the support groups that I belonged to on Facebook to try to get some advise but keep my motivated attitude and I genuinely saw a post where someone had written;”

​”Exercise? Can I not just die instead?”

“The comments on this were almost as bad as that statement, not positive or motivating for that person at all. The negativity radiated through to me and I couldn’t help thinking that there must be other people out there like me, who want to be able to live the best life possible, despite a chronic illness.

“Sure enough, Chronically Fit Group was born, not just for physical fitness but Mental Fitness too.”

Whether you need some advice, a friendly chat or even some Netflix recommendations – Chronically Fit group is an amazing community to be a part of.